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Doula is ancient Greek for "woman's servant". A Doula is educated and knowledgeable in child birth. A Doula is a trained labor assistant who provides emotional and physical support during labor. They also assist the mother and infant after birth. I have been a Doula since, 1979. I decided to become a labor assistant because I believe that no woman should undergo child birth alone without the proper professional care and nurturing.

Serving Southern California

Child birth requires tender love and care during the most important experiences for the mother. I am there to provide such care. I have witnessed and aided in more than 500 births and know all the right techniques to enhance to birthing experience for the mother her infant and her partner.


Since becoming a labor assistant I have also worked as a post partum Doula, molding and creating the perfect environment for the mother and her child after the birth. Postpartum Doulas are educated counselors who come to your home after the birth and help the mother learn to care for her child and guide her through the efforts of feeding the baby. The postpartum Doula provides practical assistance, physical and emotional support and care for the new family, as well as coaching the new father in the duties of child care. As a post partum Doula I believe that period after child birth is the one of the most beautiful and difficult times for families. Coming home from the hospital with a brand new baby tired from the birth confused with so much mixed info can be very over whelming.

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