From my experience in this business, my clients want to know who I am as a person and what qualities make me a good Doula. A quality that I hold dear to me is the respect I have for women and the passion and the importance of my work. Furthermore, I strongly believe that all women have the capacity to give birth in there own special way. I been in this business for more than twenty plus years and have seen hundreds of babies and helping new families to do their first steps to become parents. Also, I believe from my experience, I can alleviate labor by couching and teaching a mother to be able to have the birth that she wants and make this wonderful experience unique for her and her partner.  I believe that our bodies are capable to give birth and with the support a Doula can bring the process of natural birth is possible.  I have found that our bodies are capable to give birth with support, love, care, and experience I believe that these principles and qualities that i hold will bring a closer bonds between their partners and me as a Doula.  


I’m a wife and a mother; it’s the greatest satisfaction and passion in my life to give birth to my three boys. When I had my first-born twenty five years ago it changed my life completely. My son made me the woman I am; he made me strong and believe if I can give birth I can do anything in this life, he showed me the responsibilities of motherhood. The three years of breastfeeding gave me a strong connection with him and built incredible bonds that we still share today.

A mother of three beautiful boys, the first, Allen, whom I’ve already spoken of, is now 25 years old and has graduated from Santa Cruz University. He majored in Film and Digital Media. Six years later my second son, Giovanni was born. The last trimester was difficult my mother became ill and died one week before Giovanni was born. However, giving birth to my second son was a moment of remembering and celebrating life and in a way a renewing and remembrance of my mother's soul. This gave me the strength to move on. He is now 19 and enjoys school and is involved in the community, and hopes to graduate from USC with a business degree. Nicholas is my baby; right now he’s 16years old and he is in his first year of High school. Now he is changing to become a young man, and I am enjoying seeing the process that my boys are going through in their individual lives. I love being a parent and especially being a mother. If I could, I wish I could be pregnant again.


Even though I am incapable, I dream of all the mothers who will experience these same joys in life with their children. I am so blessed to be able to share this experience with them through my work, standing their at the door on the day of their return after having their baby’s just to reassure them that everything “will be ok", and help them through the process, reminding  them that they are about to experience the greatest and best job in the whole world, being a parent


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